Monday, May 6, 2013


A week ago Sunday I was part of a race that will go down in history for me as one of the greatest.....

No PR to claim
No Bib #
No Finish Line crossed
No medal

Sometimes it's not about YOU at's about those who need a little piece of you to make their race something to remember......

I was part of the "Spectator Extraordinaire" Team
Devon, Marnee, Me & Ryan (Harmony's hubby)

I headed down to the Eugene marathon to support me friends Meredith & Harmony as they both took on another 26.2.

We had signs (thanks to Devon!!)

We had cowbell!!!
Let me tell you......Ryan can handle a cowbell like no other.
We are all anxiously awaiting his "Spectators Guide" to be released. :) He was the ultimate guide around the course!!

It was one of those weekends where you can so clearly see God's hand in bringing people together.  

God knew that Meredith's legs would give up on her and that she would need Marnee to be by her side for 12 miles to complete the race

she was feeling a little better when I was blessed to join them for last few miles:)

God knew that Harmony would need a little encouragement at the end of the race and gave me fresh legs to be blessed enough to run the last 7 miles with her.

God knew that Ryan would need help ordering his first Starbucks!! (haha)....yes it's true....his 1st!  We gladly accepted the challenge.

God knew the conversations we would have the night before the race with Harmony and Ryan about the battle they face with Ryan's cancer.   He knew how that conversation ..........their realness and peace.....will truly stick with me forever.

God knew how much it would mean for Ryan to be there and cheer for his sweet wife and see her cross that finish line

There were laughs, conversations and moments that will forever be engrained in me.

God gives us people to run beside in life......because when we hit a wall - we need a sweet face to come beside us and pick us up and stick by us.

I have had those moments in my life and in my running that I have had my own "spectators" carry me through........ and I am beyond blessed to have been on the other side of it this time around!!

Thank you friends for some more Inspired Miles!!!


  1. In tears... Beautifully written. The look on my face is definitely more accurate in that 1st pictures :) Love you!

  2. lump in my throat, tears in my eyes. I loved reading your recap and I treasured every moment with; probably more then you will ever realize! Looking forward to our next adventure :) *hugs*

    1. I treasured my time with you too!!! Can't wait for the next time.

  3. Great post. Harmony guided me to your blog. I had so much fun that weekend. I haven't had a bunch of fun ladies to cheer with before. My recent "miracle" news makes this trip even more memorable. Can't wait until next time!

  4. Hi there, I'm Lindsey! I have a question and would love to speak with you. Please email me when you have a chance, thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you :)


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