Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peacocks can be Warriors too!

On Sunday some of my family and friends participated in the Warrior Dash - such a fun event!! Take a look at the course map and click on all the obstacles. May not have been the safest chose of an event in the middle of marathon training (I did a LOT of praying to come out with no injuries), but was a great change of pace and a day of FUN! One of the highlights was doing it with my husband who has been sidelined for a while due to an ankle injury and surgery this last year that left him with some permanent accessories of plates and screws! He has slowly been running again and it was so fun to do something that we weren't all that worried about time or pace (well, I can never completely forget about my time or pace - I think it is ingrained in me) - but it was more about the obstacles & just enjoying a challenge with family & friends. Any event that reminds you to leave REAL firearms and weapons at home has to be a GOOD TIME!!

So- before I share pictures - an explanation of our costumes....we decided to go against the grain a little & thought it would be entertaining to look nothing like warriors (costumes were encouraged)

Ok - my dad was suppose to be hunting the peacocks but i think he looks like a character from a horror film- I think the kiddos were scared!
Warrior peacocks!!  We look like we are at a dance recital - haha!

Julie and I before the Dash!
Her, Ryan and his cousin Scott were in the leg an hour before us - so we got to see them finish and got the advantage of hearing all about it.  We all tried to get in the same wave time but I am so glad that we got to watch them - it was hilarious!
Look at Julie go - smiles as usual

Even smiling when she is down!!

Still smiling!!

Nice slide Ryan!!

Scott, Ryan & Julie survived the dash - Connor loved watching!!
Now time to wash up in the communal soak area - see below.  Had to do it quick & not think about how dirty it was in there!

Nothing like a big mud bath with a whole bunch of people you don't know!

Go Heidi!!

My sweet husband gets to race with me again!!  Well, he says 10k or less but I am working on him.
Peacocks love to play in the mud!
Love the faces!

We did it!  Good times.
Our sweet kiddos came to cheer us on!  Not so excited to touch mommy and daddy.

My dad with a beer for him and Andrew.  Have to enjoy a beer after something like this!!
Turkey legs were available too.

Have so many fun pictures - will put an album on Face book.  Such a fun day with a great group of people.  It was fun to have all of our kids a part of it to.  Can't wait for the next time it is in town.  We will have to see if we can get more of you to join!!????  Now back to training for 10-10-10 (Portland Marathon)......almost there.


  1. Looks like SO much fun! Put a big smile on my face as I looked through the pictures!

  2. Love it! These photos were so awesome...I'd love to do it with Matt next year!