Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What is your One Liner?

Taper, taper, taper!!!  I love to taper. Well, so I thought.  It is actually making me a little antsy.  Maybe it has something to do with that my family and I are spending a much needed family time and a rest week at the beautiful Oregon Coast (well, Julie who is a California girl may not call it beautiful or a real beach) - but we Northwesterners embrace our stormy beach - though we are actually having GREAT weather this week besides my stormy 16 mile stormy run (more about that).  I feel like I am wrestling the race mind games that are creeping in, with wanting to be lazy with my family and the other side of me that wants to feel like I do after a GOOD run.
As you know - I am following SBS of Run Like a Mother's Advanced Marathon Plan & I have really loved it.  It was a great challenge & I ended up loving the specifics of it with just coming off training for the Seattle Rock n' Roll.  I also loved the fact that my running buddy Julie was following the same plan & SBS was keeping us accountable by checking in and have been inspired by her commitment.
 Back to Sunday, 16 miles on the agenda (well, actually training plan says 15-16 - how can they do that to me??? I can't run 15 and be ok with it when the 16 is sitting there staring at me, letting me know I didn't take on the greater challenge.  Taper or not - my will won't let me.) - the only stormy, rainy day we have had thus far and sun in the forecast for the rest of the week - of course.  I thought "suck it up - this IS the Northwest, where you have lived all your life - just go get it done!"  Knowing my family would be nestled in our warm beach condo, eating waffles and sipping on warm drinks......I set out to get er' done (ode to Ryan D.).  I was soaking wet and I mean SOAKING just minutes into my run - I was laughing at myself trying to jump over puddles initially as if it were going to save my feet from getting wet.  So - I just embraced it - I always think,  "well, I have started so I have to finish - hence the shirt I bought and love that it reminds me to finish strong..

There was a point in the run when the rain was storming sideways against my face and it HURT - I had to laugh.  The looks I got from a few people as I ran downtown as they enter a restaurant for their hot breakfast or for their frothy morning latte (what I dreamed of) like - "is she crazy or why would she be running now???" - it motivated me!!  It made me feel stronger - maybe because I actually think I AM a little crazy......I think any individual that pushes this hard to attain a goal that most people never attempt - whether marathon or not is indeed a little crazy.  

So, now the question - What is Your One Liner?? There are many things that motivate/inspire me (read earlier entry of what really drives me) in the big picture, but what are the words that journey through your head as your body wants to stop or at least take it down a few notches??  What gives your mind the override on your body and pushes you through to your goal?? Mine this time around has been..."this is for a bigger goal!!!" - knowing that it isn't just about the workout in front of me but the marathon I am convinced to conquer.
I am interested to hear what words come through for your needed inspiration - I may need borrow a few on race day - I have a feeling that I will need more than one!  Happy Training!!


  1. I have that shirt also and I love it! Always nice to have a positive reminder with you!

    Good Luck on our upcoming marathon!!!

  2. When I first started running, I would always repeat after Bob and Jillian from Biggest Loser, "It's not going to kill you!" Now, I just keep repeating, mind over body. Telling my mind that my body will keep going!

  3. A friend of mine gave me a card and it said 'You dont have to prove anything to anyone but yourself.' Once I started my 'journey' of running, I just keep trying to prove to myself what I can do. Running my 2nd Marathon next weekend and ran my 4th Half Marathon last weekend ( blew my last Half Marathon time out of the water). Really seeing /getting other moms motivated to run
    is one of the major things that inspire me.
    Or as Miley Cyrus said 'Its all about the climb, it doesnt mater how fast I get there, its all about the climb.' Sorry, with 2 little girls in my house, lots of Miley music.

  4. Mine isn't just one line. But I always tell myself: I might feel bad now, but that will end, and I will feel great the rest of the day. But, if I quit I might feel better now but will feel bad the rest of the day.

    And giving credit where credit is due I found that "thought" on another blog (Running Commentary) a while ago.

  5. Mine is, "If Ashley and Julie can run a stinking marathon, I can do____ (fill in with however many I am running today, 3, 5, 10)."

    No joke. I tell myself that ALL the time!You are a rockstar, and I can't wait to see you cross the finish on 10.10!!