Saturday, October 9, 2010

Inspiration, Great Tunes & Marathon Memories

Last week my family and I took a much needed break at the beach and it happened to fall right into place with tapering in my running schedule.  Time to SLOW down a bit was the theme of the week.... (more about that whole week of reflection when my mind is not consumed with 10-10-10)!!!

So - randomness - that is what you get for this post, because that is what my mind is filled with right now with 2 days to go until the start line is saying, "Ok - show me what you got Shaddy!

Inspiration - oh we could be here forever - but I will give you a few that have kept me moving when I hit a little burn out mode the last few weeks.
These beautiful faces of my sweet, handsome, supportive (with a huge dose of smart aleck) husband & my beautiful kiddos

Picture of us after a beautiful hike during our REST week at the beach.

I am certainly one of those runners that LOVES music to keep me motivated - so here a re a few that have kept me moving the last few weeks:  disclaimer - please do not hold me accountable for any potential offensive lyrics - just beats and certain lyrics that keep me going (no f-bombs ......that I can remember)!

The High Road - by Broken Bells
Perfect Warm up Song!  Love his voice.

She's Long Gone - BlackKeys  - "She's Gone, Long Gone!!!" Oh yes I am!!!
If you do not have this on your playlist – PLEASE ADD IT – it gets me so pumped!! Fun jazzy/rock sound - a little something different for your playlist, but OH SO GOOD.

Move Along - All American Rejects
This is one of my favorite running songs - Love when it says - ” Ah – You gotta Keep it Strong – Move along, move along like I know you do. Even when you r HOPE is gone, move along, move along just to make it through” 
Seriously How perfect is that??? 

California by 2Pac
Tribute to Julie - would think of her being back in Cali for a visit

I've got soul, but I'm not a Soldier by The Killers
Great song for running & this link will take you to one of my FAVORITE nike commercials that says

"Everything You Need Is Already Inside"!!

The Ghost Inside by Broken Bells
Love the Beat to this song!!

What is It??
Ok - I have to do it - a Hip hop tribute to my brother in law who downloaded this on my running tracks and I actually loves that it says - "Let me see you go mama - go mama!"  I like to think they are talking to me - haha!  I am pretty good at turning any song into something to do with running...

As much as I rely on music while I run, during my hill workouts this time around - I have been turning off my i-pod for my last hill, my kick my rear end workout...... and dedicating it to my sweet friend Meredith's brother, Chris.  I spend that hill praying for his battle with cancer & thinking about how his challenge is far greater than the one I have in front of me.  I swear every time I have done this - Chris's hill- is always my best pace!!!  Thank you Meredith & Chris for being with me on those hills!!

I have brought along with me so many pieces of people and experiences that have inspired my family, my friends (running and non-running!!!), blogs of other runners that make me feel like I can do this!!, articles, RLAM, memories of my sweet mom, verses, nike commercials - haha, .................
Pieces of this journey that remind me that I am not in this alone - thank you to all of you that have shared your piece with me these last 4 challenging months!!! I will certainly be taking you with me on the Portland Marathon course.

As we enter the next chapter of our marathon experiences - I had to share a few of my favorite pictures from our last - a few more images that inspire me:

My Sweet Mom - Always in my heart & out there with me on the course!!

Look at his cute face - how couldn't it inspire you!  Oh & yes he DID hold up a sign asking me if I pee'd myself!

This is one of my favorites!!  My husband said that everyone had pain on their face, but not Julie - she had a smile- of course!!!

Portland Marathon - 10-10-10 - Here I come!!!

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  1. Can't Can't wait to see you!! Praying for you!! Eryn