Thursday, January 13, 2011

This one is for HOPE!!

There are all type of things that get us excited to get out there & run, or at least push us to get our rear ends up & keep running/moving/working.  For me sometimes it can be as simple as a quote I read, a Nike commercial I watch or some new gear I get to to try out.  Then there are the inspirations that REALLY move you - way down deep.  Things that really matter - that consume you so much that if you don't keep moving, they can bring you to a screeching halt.  I had one of these motivators for my long run last week.  Friday morning at the exact time I was tackling the 9 miles on my training schedule , my friend Terri was beginning her first chemo treatment to fight against the recent cancer that was found in her body.  She is not only an amazing woman & mom - she is a fellow runner.  Terri has been an inspiration to me in my running (she has many more miles under her belt than I do) & she has always offered interest, encouragement, advice & a big smile through my training the last few years. I couldn't and didn't want to get her out of my mind while I was running that day.  Many things were streaming through my mind that morning about Terri and her sweet family & about my own experience with walking beside my mom as she faced her own battle with cancer.  I couldn't help but think about how big my challenge seemed to me..... to train well & successfully run the Boston marathon.  It seemed so small that morning in perspective.  Terri and I are both facing a challenge that we want to conquer the next few months, but I know the victory that will be weighing MUCH heavier on my heart as I train for Boston - will be the success story of Terri!!  I will be carrying her with me as I train, praying for her, hoping for her & pounding the pavement for her while she can't (for now - she will be back in the game soon!!).

There are times when I can say that I HATE the word cancer & I don't use that word very often.  Every time that word rings in my ears - there is a pain in the bottom of my stomach.  At the same time - I know that there is a God with a plan that I trust very much.  Even if His plan for my life has looked different at times than I hoped for.  I also know that as much as cancer has handed our family the greatest tragedy we have faced thus far - it also showed us the depth of the love that we have for each other and how truly loved we are by those around us.  For that I am grateful.

Here is one of my favorite promises that God has for me, for Terri & everyone else:

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Here's to HOPE!!!!


  1. Thanks Ashley, good words. It's always so important to be reminded of hope instead of dread and courage instead of fear. Good luck on the roads - tell your husband to dial back...

  2. Love those words. When I first started running (only 6 months ago) my cousin had a baby in the NICU with many weeks of not knowing if she would survive and as I would think how hard it would be to run 1 mile (again remember beginner) - I would think of what she must be going through and my obstacle seemed small in comparision.

    Sorry I am a blog stalker but I love your blog! Keep up the work and good luck in Boston!!!