Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 weeks out and by the way - Do you have my Mojo???

Let's start by saying - sorry for the slacking.  Ok - I put it out there - I have been POST lazy.  I have great excuses......husband's crazy busy travel schedule, a lot of birthday parties & class parties to plan, my sad attempt at a jump on spring cleaning - but mostly I have been busy pouting & searching for my "go get it" attitude.  I haven't been sharing much because I have had a hard training on many levels this time around. And really - who wants to hear about all that?  I have had a few friends say that they think I should share anyway. And I guess if we really are sharing our running or life journey's - the junk comes along too. This running funk is new to me........& REALLY - NOW - while I am training for Boston.  Shouldn't I be more motivated than ever??!!!

Here have been my Roadblocks this time around:
1.  My husband has been gone for work in the last 2 1/2 months - more than he has been home.  Now this busy season isn't new to our family, but I have never trained for a marathon through it.  Very tough emotionally and logistically getting runs in when my built in running "sitter" is gone - has been interesting (seriously - think - no early morning runs before the kids are up).  It had made me realize how much I rely on him for many things during training.  
2.  Let's just say that Northwest weather is not motivating this time of year!!  Maybe that is true to be said most places - but again - I have never trained during the "weather blues"  season.
3.  My BFF Julie isn't training with me this time around.  Not that we did every run together last time around - but most of our long runs.  I know she is supporting me just as much as when we train together, but  I do miss the phone calls of the excitement of the same goal or the pure pain we shared of our last long run together.  There is really no one in my immediate circle - my running buddies,  that is training for the same run right now and it just feels different.
4.  My training plan.....for Portland I LOVED my plan (well - maybe my body didn't - nothing a good ice bath didn't fix) - but I was confident in it.  I followed an advanced training plan that Sarah Shea of Run Like a Mother had shared with Julie & I, that she was also following for Portland .  Just have to say that it was certainly motivating to have Sarah as a running buddy through e-mails - checking on how the training was going on our shared plan and goal of running strong in Portland - which she did!!  The plan was kick your rear end hard, but certainly equipped me with confidence to show up the Portland Marathon start line feeling ready.  This time around with Andrew's travel & that it is the school year this time around and I help out with both of my kids classrooms - I just couldn't manage that plan.  I have used a make your own version of 2 different plans this time around and not feeling as strongly about it.  
5.  Physically I have been feeling cruddy - I got really sick a month ago & have had tightness in the chest ever since & coughing up some YUCKY (as my kids would say) stuff.  Not really conducive with marathon training! I kept thinking it was one of those colds that just falls in love with you & won't leave. I finally went to the doctor this week - as my last long run in the 20 degree weather - felt like I had a running buddy along with me - sitting on my chest. Verdict - I have an infection in my chest.  I am hoping the antibiotics and steroid inhaler are planning on redistributing some of my mojo where the mucus has taken over and owes me a month worth of my training.  Ok - that may be dramatic - but I seriously haven't had a good run in a while - one of those that you finish & say "I've got this"!!!  and that leads to the next roadblock......
6.  Mentally - all of the above have contributed to a "messy training head"!!!  I think that is the best way to put it.

So - it has been tough this time around - not what I envisioned as my story for my Boston training.  But I will be facing that Boston Marathon start line in 7 weeks nonetheless. So I can either choose to let myself focus on the hardships of the last few months and how it will effect my race and let my "messy training head" take over.  OR - I can embrace the next 7 weeks - knowing that usually we learn more when things are HARD and that not all journeys or training aspirations turn out how we plan them.  That this is still MY running story - inspiring at the moment or not and I am going to own it forever.

Well - I am hoping the 2nd option - but I will keep you posted...........
And I actually will this time!


  1. I can't imagine, Ashley! I had similar experiences training for a half back on Feb. 20th. My hubs and I were going to run it together. I have only run 1 race before this and it was the Girlfriends' Half. So I had expectations of myself that I needed to improve my time for this half. My training for this one didn't compare because of life and being a mom. I started to feel defeated but got over that and was just excited to run with my hubs. Then I got sick and decided it just was not a good idea to run. Training for a half marathon out in Po-Dunk, AZ is no where NEAR the same thing as training for the Boston Marathon, but running is still such a mental head-game, dontcha think??

    Looking forward to following your training over the next 7 weeks!

  2. You are completely AWESOME, Ashley ~ on many, many levels! One foot in front of the other, Girl. You're running where most will never have the chance, it may feel lonely ..... but you've got one heck of a cheering team behind you!! We're all proud of you and what you've accomplished. Enjoy the ride, slow down if you need to...... You are one Bad A$$ Mother Runner! Never forget that. Your Seattle/Portland journey has been life changing and oh so inspiring .... Boston is your cherry on top .... allow yourself to enjoy it. xxoo ~ Mary Helmes