Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Re-claimed LOVE & and a few new "This is My Jam"

This week has been a week that reminds me that I LOVE running............the challenge, claiming something of MINE for the day, the therapy, the running high, the calories burned after a kick a** sprint workout, reminding myself that I am still an athlete, the example it sets for my kids, the relationships I build, the lessons I learn, the sore muscles, and yes even the misery of it.............

As I am wrapping my mind around the fact that my training has not gone as planned due to being sick and other challenges -
I am thankful that I CAN do it - even if I am not where I wanted to be as I get ready for Boston.  I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to step foot on that course.  To own Boston Marathon.  Whether I get to step up to the start line and breath in the same air of some of running's elites & knowing my body, my pace isn't where I initially set out for it to be - I am thankful.

As my husband told me tonight at dinner when I was sharing my disappointment in knowing I know where I COULD be & where I am at - with only weeks to go.  His passion is golf and he dreams of one day golfing on the original course - where it all began in St. Andrews, Scotland - the birthplace of golf.  He said he wants to go there to EXPERIENCE the course and take it all in.  That it would be such a shame to go somewhere like St. Andrews or Boston Marathon and waste time on the "what if's" or "should haves" and miss out on the experience of being a part of something so meaningful.  And I agreed and said - "But wouldn't it be awesome to say you shot a 83 on one of the word's best courses!"........just sayin.

I have to say again how much I LOVE running buddies.  For my 16 last Saturday I ran with one of my dear friends Meredith.  It was a COLD run - but I had great company.  Thank you Meredith for logging miles with me!!

Just this Saturday, for my 21 -  I met up with a gal (Katy)who works with one of my friends - she is running Boston as well. One of her friends ran with us and some of her Portland Fit group joined us for our first loop.  There is just something about that instant bond that runners have  - another reason I LOVE running.  We took on a route with some pretty good hills and finished our 21 in 3:03 - not too bad for these sad lungs of mine.  I am discovering that I am not as much of a lone runner as I thought I was.

Before I start this weeks - "This is My Jam"
I just have to say that I seem to have a ridiculous talent (if you even call it that) of turning pretty much any song into somehow being "a running song".

I thought I would share a song that I have loved lately for warming up (also just one of my favorite songs right now).  Give it a minute and gets a pretty good rhythm going.

Only the Young by Brandon flowers

I love that it says -
"Nothing is easy - nothing is sacred - WHY?? "
"Only the young can break away"..........Please - us 35 year old mama's can break away too!!

Now another song that gets me fired up lately........
Such a great beat for tempo runs & any song that you can sing out "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" while you are running just has to be good!

The Naked and Famous by Young Blood

So - that's it for now - I have one kiddo with a sinus infection and one kiddo throwing up.  So - let's just wish healthy miles for this mom!!


  1. I am jealous that you are able to run Boston even if your not in the shape you wish you were. Just enjoy the event .. it will be awesome

  2. My take? No one, and I mean no one, ever feels they are toeing the line in the perfect shape for a marathon. So you're doing just fine and will rock the day!

  3. Thank you for your encouragement!! Certainly helps sticking with it (even when it isn't ideal) when I have such a great circle of support!

  4. You are amazing. AMAZING. I'mso excited for you to run boston!