Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Can't Forget to Cheer!!!

Last Sunday was one of my favorite days in a long time.  My dad and my best friend Julie  were both doing a local race, and my son and went to cheer them on with signs, raincoats and umbrellas (it is spring time in the beautiful Northwest you know!!) in hand.  I haven't been to a race to cheer others on for a long time - too long.  Besides my daily hollering through my car window of - "Get after it" & "Good for you" at the runners I pass by(which my kids now let me know if I missed a runner) - I haven't truly cheered for another member of this amazing running family I am a part of for quite a while.  Pre-race jitters of a different kind took me over.  My sweet boy may have been a little confused as we pulled in and I loudly noted every runner that went by and voiced how fun and exciting this was.  He was sweetly trying to humor me and claim the same excitement that I had taken over his "crazy" mom.

My TROOPER - cheering on Papa & Julie

How couldn't you be inspired by this sweet face......

We waited at the finish line so we could catch both of them coming in.  I had so much fun cheering for all the runners that would pass by - yelling out my signature encouragement turned annoyance to my son - "Finish Strong".  The amazing family and friends that have blessed my by coming to encourage and cheer me on have meant the wold to me - or even meant a strong race for me.  I just didn't realize the inspiration I would receive from being on the other side of it this time around.  Maybe our training plans need to include a few slow down and "cheer" days.
So - let's not forget to Cheer!!!  It is a piece of my running inspiration I was missing for way too long.
And when you are logging your miles this week - FINISH STRONG!!!!

Ok - now time to brag on two of my favorite people in the whole world - my dad and Julie BOTH won medals at the race!!!  It was the perfect finish to our morning & a huge note in both of their mental victories.  My dad is starting an official training plan because we are going to do a half together on Father's day (which I am beyond excited about!!).  So - it was great for him to see that if..........Oh yes - he's STILL got it.  And for Julie - who has ben re-claiming her running journey as she has been recovering form an injury - she got to earn that medal with her usual Julie smile & claim that she as well - has STILL got it!!

Before sharing a few of my favorite pictures I am going to dedicate an "This is my Jam" to Julie.  I always think of her when I warm up to this (is it a little on the slow side) - because it says over and over - "I want you back.  Back - back".  Which she has been saying for a while to one of her true loves - RUNNING and I would say that after watching her race & claim 1st place in her age division - that running has come back to her!!  I can't wait to train and race with her again.
Good Job Dad & Julie!!!  Love you guys

And for a few pictures from our day.......

Go Julie!!!

My dad didn't know he had a cheering section!!

Blessed to have such a great Best Friend to share running & life with!!

My sweet boy, my dad & I

You know it's a good time if there is a stuffed bear at the race....

That JULIE smile!!!  Wear that medal proud friend!!

Way to go Dad!!!  Looks like I will trying to keep up with him for our half!

Thanks to all of those that CHEER for me - from near and afar.  It makes these miles worth it!


  1. Great post! Love your boots and the reminder to CHEER on others! Awesome!

  2. Awesome! I love to watch races and cheer folks on...good for you.