Friday, April 15, 2011

Now that's what I call Tapering!!!

With Boston just days away and being in the midst of the craziness to get myself out the door and on my way to Boston.  I had to stop and a reflect (mostly in photos) on the last two weeks of training plan - the best taper weeks ever!  Not a report of miles but in gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.  

First, I am thankful for the incredible book I am currently reading right now with an amazing group of women - which has helped bring me to the focus of being thankful as I approach my1st Boston and as I am attempting to slow down and live a fuller life.
My family and I were blessed enough to spend our spring break at the Cannon Beach on the beautiful Oregon Coast.  I am thankful for beautiful runs on the beach!
Grandma & Papa (my dad and stepmom) were able to spend the 1st weekend with us along with one of my sisters, her husband and their kiddos.  I am thankful for Family!

I am thankful for TIME to do puzzles!


I am thankful my kids have cousins they get to grow up with!

I am thankful for beautiful moments like these that my daughter gets with Grandma!

I am thankful for my DAD and they we got to go on a run at the beach - even if it was raining!

I am thankful for SISTERS (wish they all could have been there)

SO very, very thankful for my family & how they have supported me so incredibly through all my training!!

I am thankful for this sweet face!!!  This is my niece that I am SO in love with.  I got to babysit her when we got back in town while my sissy and her husband went on their 1st date post-baby.

Returned from the beach and attending the Run Like a Mother Anniversary event the next morning.  Thankful that I have gotten to know Sarah this last year, thankful for the amazing goodie bag we received and so very thankful that they think I am interesting enough to feature on Follow this Mother! on their blog.  Thank you RLAM!!

So very thankful for my "Couv" running buddies (& Sarah)!!!  

While I was partying with the Run Like a Mother Crowd - my kids got to go fishing with Grandma & Papa and their cousins.  I am thankful that my kids have amazing grandparents that invest in their lives & I was VERY thankful that the fish arrived to me already gutted!!

 I am so very thankful for coffee and for sweet moments like this with my daughter.  We went to say goodbye to some great friends of ours that are moving away.

Sad to see them go - but I am thankful we had and will always have them in our lives!

I am thankful for my sisters, stepmom and cousins that wanted to go with me to get "pretty Boston toes"!  I am thankful for pedicures that make my runner feet look half way normal.

I am thankful for my friends & that they know me so well (thank you Amber & Julie).  "Boston treats" from two different friends.  Birds & green - perfect!!

I am thankful for my best friend Julie &her beautiful kids that came to wish me well, and the sweet gift she gave me.  I am also thankful for the most beautiful post she wrote this week - it started my week count down to Boston off perfectly!!  That is Julie's son that runs from me every time he has to give me kisses!!

Seriously - Julie already got me my Boston shirt (& lots of other goodies)!!!  Love you sweet friend!!  Did I say I am thankful for Julie - haha.  I just think a friend like that deserves a few shout-outs!

I am thankful for red velvet cupcakes!!  Tapering = less miles and more treats - right?

I am thankful for the e-mail, facebook and phone messages that I have gotten from friends and family this week wishing me well on Monday.  I am thankful for all of the inspiring blogs that I get to to draw motivation from.  I am thankful that I have family to take care of my kids for us while we are gone.  I am thankful for my amazing husband who just sat up downloading songs for me on my i-pod.  I am thankful formy dad and step-mom who are so supportive and are traveling to Boston with us.


Now that is what I call Tapering!!!


  1. Good luck!! Look forward to the race recap:)

  2. awesome post Ashley!!!! you are going to have an awesome run and such a good time. so excited for you girl! can't wait to hear about your experiece there. xoxo- m
    p.s. when do you leave?

  3. What a great post! Made me think of the many blessings God has put in my life. I found you over at your BFF's blog and wanted to let you know I'll be cheering you on, all the way to the finish line! You are ready! GO ASHLEY!!!

  4. so Cool Ashely! You are inspiring to me. Run your heart out.

  5. beautiful post! i'm so happy i found your blog through rlam yesterday :o) you are so inspiring!!! have a wonderful time in boston - i know you will cherish every moment of it!!!

  6. Thank you for all your encouragement & following my journey!! More to come!!

  7. SHOOT!! I MISS YOU!!! So wish I was with you right now!!! Have the time of your life, friend!!! You deserve every amazing second! I believe in you!!

  8. What a fabulous post!! You have such a beautiful family!! And that book...tell me more. I think I've heard about it. So cool you are reading it with a group of women. I need to get going with my MOMs group at church again so I can read good books like this and have them to reflect on it with. I should add this to my list if it is really good. Great pictures but darn that last one of the cupcake is making me hungry!