Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boston Marathon Visual Re-cap - courtesy of my sweet Husband!!

I have had my race re-cap streaming through my mind since the minute I finished Boston last week.  But what has NOT been flowing my way is extra time.  Life sometimes adds a little chaos.  I want to sit down and deliver my experience of Boston when I have time - soon - VERY SOON.  But for now - my sweet husband surprised me with this before he left for basketball tonight......makes me smile & cry - looking at my pictures for the first time.  Hope you enjoy it too.  Thank you for sharing in my journey.  This sweet re-count done by my husband was a huge reminder to me that though Boston wasn't my best race  - TIME wise - it is certainly ranks #1on my list EXPERIENCE wise.  Thank you Andrew!!!

If you click on the link above instead of the video below- it turned out much more clear for some reason.  Remember - the computer person in our family is off playing basketball.......

Oh & yes - some of the pictures WILL need explanation - will come with my wordy re-cap!



  1. great job Ashley! i LOVE your video/slideshow! what amazing memories, so happy for you! can't wait to read your recap :)

  2. In Ella's words, "That was AWESOME!!" Seriously. Ella looked at me and said, "mom, why are you crying??" Seriously :) love you friend and cried tears of joy for you as I watched. So so proud of you!!

  3. WOW! That is so fantastic! Love that you have Journey, too :)

  4. Oh, my gosh, that is SO cool. I'm sitting here crying!! What an experience. So proud of you, friend!!

  5. This is awesome Ashley! Great job. So glad you got to experience this. :) Thanks for the comment today. Made me smile. Off to catch up on more of your blog. I'm so behind on everything.

  6. ahh love the video!!! What an awesome recap of the experience!
    So glad I got to share part of it with you!