Sunday, September 18, 2011


"The Blanket"  - The AMAZING group of women around me that COVER each other when we hit a patch of our life that needs a little warmth, love and comfort.
I am blessed with an amazingly perfect BLANKET - carefully designed with love, intention, selflessness, and even perfect in it's flaws and frays......

I am recovering from surgery & in an instant these women surrounded me, COVERED ME - showed up at the hospital, sent e-mails and calls of encouragement, facebook messages,have prayed for me, have taken time and money to feed my family for over a week, washed dishes, given me hugs, taken my kids to and from school...........have loved me well and kept me warm!

A blog entry that my best friend Julie shared this e-mail with me as she was arranging meals for me:

When I sent out the initial email I talked about a blog I recently read that talked about her close network of friends that she refers  to as 'the net'...there to catch each other when they need it.  

This woman's blog is too cool. You have to read the birth story of her daughter who has downs.  AMAZING.  

But first, here is the post I was talking about...  "The Net"   

You are an amazing friend, Ashley and the amount of women who are a part of your 'net' is a testament to the kind of friend you are.  

I know it is hard for you to receive but know that we want to help you because of the kind of friend you are to everyone else.  

love you!!

Thank you Julie for sharing this and provoking reflection, gratefulness and a new perspective for my recovery.  Instead of being frustrated with I cannot do - I can focus on what I am gaining right now.

When I read the blog entry - it sent me into a grateful reflection of the women (& their beautiful families) that God has strategically placed in my life and me into theirs.  I decided to name our group of women. Each hold their own pain, loss, joys, triumph, gifts -  being used for purpose.  With love behind it all - we are all sewn together. "THE BLANKET"
They have covered me in love - not just these last few weeks, but almost 3 years ago (oh my, can't believe it has been that long) when we said goodbye to my sweet mom.  Oh how I needed them then......and they showed up in ways that I will be thankful for and carry with me forever.

Sometimes they show up in small times of need - encouragement for a race I have or just sharing perspective for a rough day .......... and then there's the big ones, that take us all covering each other until we are warm enough.......rested enough.....repaired enough.......loved on enough...........
to take our place in "the blanket" and are ready & able to cover someone else.
It is amazing how we are all connected.

Each unique and planned for their place.  Some are family and friends who are a part of my every day, and some are just as important to my life - they reach out and respond in a time of need.  All of our lives go through ups and downs - times when we give to each other and times when parts of "the blanket" are frayed and need to take time for repair -  and they receive covering.  We share in each other's joys and tragedies, we celebrate and we cry together and I am left in "awe" of God's obvious construction of this beautiful piece of His art work.  A perfect pattern........

A little piece of the LOVE sent my way his week- a breakfast basket
 from my beautiful friends Eryn & Audrey!!

The Blanket - MY BLANKET..........
I am simply blessed and deeply grateful.  
Thank you for COVERING me ladies.  I am staying warm, recovering well and feeling VERY loved  and will be ready and honored to re-claim my piece of the blanket and cover you soon!!

Who covers or catches you in your life???
Maybe think of letting them know how grateful you are for them.......


  1. i love this post Ashley. you are blessed with a great group of friends! i'm sorry i didn't bring you a breakfast or anything.... but, you know i love you and i was praying for you. one of these seasons our paths will cross more. i'm confident of that, and i look forward to those days. :)

  2. Love you too friend. Like I said - we all cover each other in different ways. I know your amazing heart. Blessed to call you my friend!

  3. you looked so beautiful today! I am sorry I did not get to visit more.. love you and your family lots. Janna

  4. Ashley, reading this brought tears to my eyes. I know exactly the feeling of being covered by "The Blanket". It is warm and cozy under it, and feel so good to be loved.

    I absolutely LOVE this's so perfect. We are indeed blessed to all have eachother!

  5. This is beautiful Ashley! We all need a blanket of women and friends in our life. So wonderful. And such a blessing. It is hard for me to receive help sometimes and I have to remind myself that by accepting their help and love, I am letting them be the vessel of love that they are.

  6. First of all, we can't let our husbands read these posts...i can see the eye rolls now! :) What a gift it is to share a piece of the blanket. Love you friend. So glad you are doing better. Hang in there. I will be chasing you down on the race course soon enough!!

  7. Love your story/analogy of "the Blanket"! What a true concept and loving group!

    Thankful to hear you are on the mend!