Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post-surgery tailgating and my underwear in a Bio Hazard bag = interesting weekend

The infamous Warrior Dash - where mud, fun, & challenge collide.  That's what I had marked on my calendar for Sunday...............Not so much!

This is what I wore proud this weekend

Last week I posted about going into the emergency room and being diagnosed with kidney stones.  I was sent home with pain meds and told to wait for it to pass.  Well, things changed.  I ended up with a high fever and feeling significantly worse - and a lot of the severe pain was in my abdomen.  Back to the hospital I went. After 9 hours of exams, tests, scans and 3 different doctors - I had an answer.  Ruptured Ovarian cyst that was still bleeding.  I needed surgery.......

Surgery went well.
Home recovering (slower than I want to be - but indeed on the mend).
Still trying to digest how this will effect my running.  My doctor said it will take a month to get my blood supply fully back and though the incisions are small, that they did do a lot internally and I need to give everything time to heal.  She said I need to start off with walking when I am in the clear.....WALKING??  Starting over??? Like I said - Still digesting that piece of this.

But - what I am SO grateful for is that what I am going through is mild compared to other health issues those around me have and are facing.  I can only claim gratefulness for that.

And a few things to laugh about..........
Some of you know that I am extremely blessed with a lot of family near me.  So- I had quite the support team there between family and friends.  My dad and stepmom were at the beach when I went into the hospital and when my sister called them, they packed up and headed to the hospital with their camper trailer in tow.  
They all waited around to hear that "All was good" after surgery and then...................WENT SURGERY TAIL-GATING!!  Haven't you heard of it?? It's the latest craze.
Yes, they all the gathered around the back of the camper, pulled out camping chairs, chips and salsa & BEER - and had a little tailgate party in the hospital parking lot.  Keeping it Classy............

Gotta love my family & friends!!  This isn't everyone, but SO glad my sister
got a picture.  Makes me smile!!

 And if the weekends events were not memorable enough.....
When my husband was getting things together in the hospital to head home - we found this:
My underwear - SERIOUSLY???? In a Biohazard bag!!  Is that necessary???  Cracks me up!!!

Who needs the Warrior Dash when you have tailgating and underwear in a Biohazard bag.....
Back to recovering :)  .


  1. Oh, wow! Girl way to up it to stellar with this one! I'm certainly glad things were diagnosed and fixed, perhaps, maybe, your body is telling you to take a wee break and look around, just maybe. But, being similar souls, I know the "I NEED to get back out there and move this body" mentality! Just be chill, do what you can and think about what you will do.

    Franny & Ben

  2. Love your sense of humor, Ashley! Praying for your complete healing, sanity :), and that when it's time to begin running again, you won't take long to feel yourself! Love you, Friend!

  3. oh my WORD ashley! you have been through a lot girl! we'll have to talk soon and have a proper catch up. miss you tons and am glad you are surrounded by your friends and family now!

  4. Oh gosh you make me laugh!!! BUT sooooooooooo thankful you are well!!! Cheers!

  5. Wow! Glad everything went well! Praying for you to heal quickly!! haha... that's quite funny to find your underwear there lol...

  6. HAAAAA! did they put a warning label on andrew when you started dating him?! never a dull moment. Love you, friend. You'll be back. You and I can hobble around together for awhile...

  7. Still praying for you and your recovery! Love you friend!!

  8. I am DYING here!!! Hilarious. Way to always take things in stride Ashley. You are so special.